The Centre for Countering Language Impoverishment (CECIL, the Italian acronym) is the project that earned the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics the “Seal of Excellence” from the Italian Ministry of University and Research for the period 2023-2027. CECIL aims to systematically analyse and counteract the phenomenon of language impoverishment in society, which increasingly affects not only school and university students but consequently the job market and national and international communications. The research project intends to monitor language impoverishment in various demographic and social groups through ad hoc scientific tests and protocols. It also aims to counteract the phenomenon by developing new learning procedures, and creating digital tools to improve language skills. In addition to scientific research and the promotion of international collaborations, the project also aims to strengthen the Department’s teaching activities through the introduction of innovative writing laboratories in undergraduate and post graduate degree programs; the funding of CECIL-themed doctoral grants; the establishment of a Summer School and a Master’s degree program in professional and creative writing; the creation of a permanent Teacher Training Laboratory; the creation of a University-Business workshop designed to monitor language impoverishment among workers and to design and organise lifelong learning courses.